Evolution FURY3-B Multi-Purpose Review

Evolution FURY3-B


Value For Money


Cutting Capacity




Feature Range



  • Comes with a great blade
  • Lightweight
  • Compact for easy storage


  • Poor dust management
  • Not that powerful

Evolution Fury3Today we are looking at the Evolution FURY3-B Multi-Purpose saw. This saw is a budget level mitre saw suited for home DIYers only. However you get quite a lot of saw for your money and it even comes with a dust bag.

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Technical Specs

Power: 1100W

Max Cutting Width: 120 mm

Sliding: Yes

Single Bevel: Yes

Double Bevel: No

Blade Size: 210 mm

Laser: No

At just £85 this mitre saw is a bit limited in the features it offers. You won’t find a laser guide in this device or any other decent add ons. It will however cut through wood, steel and plastic with the same blade which makes it perfect for the home.

This saw is quite compact as well so it will easily fit in garage or cupboard, ready to get out when you need it. Weighing in at just 6.4kg it is the lightest mitre saw we have reviewed to date.

Main Features

You won’t find a laser guide on this saw but it does come with a dust bag. The blade will cut through metal, wood and plastic so there is no need to buy specialised blades with this saw.

How well does the Evolution Fury3-B cut?

Given the low price, it is not surprising that this saw comes with a low cutting capacity. The saw features a 210 mm blade with a maximum cut depth of just 120mm. Not ideal if you are planning on cutting larger pieces.

Even though it has a smaller cutting capacity it makes up for it due to the fantastic blade. This thing will cut through anything like butter so is a great multipurpose saw to have to hand.

Lets see it in action


The Evolution Fury3-B won’t be taken on site anytime soon but that isn’t really who it is aimed at. If you are looking for a professional level saw try one by Bosch or DeWalt. If you just need a great saw to have at home this is a great choice. If you need to cut larger pieces though you are better off going with the Rage3.

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