Evolution RAGE3-S+ Review

Evolution Rage 3+


Value For Money


Cutting Capacity




Feature Range



  • Multipurpose blade
  • Laser guidance
  • Great value for money
  • Great customer reviews


  • Dust bag not that useful
  • Precision could be better

Evolution RAGE3 S+Not all mitre saws are created equal. Generally if you want features such as laser guidance, dust bags and a deep cutting capacity you have to pay the higher prices. The Evolution RAGE3-S+ bucks that trend by offering all of this for just over £100.

This mid to low level metre saw is clearly aimed at the hobby user. However if you are in need of mitre saw for occasional use this is the one I would recommend.

All these features do come and a cost and that is it is not as precise as others on the market such as the Bosch GCM 8 SJL but is a third of the price!



Technical Specs

Power: 1500W

Max Cutting Width: 220 mm

Sliding: Yes

Single Bevel: Yes

Double Bevel: No

Blade Size: 210 mm

Laser: Yes

Evolution has a done a great job in designing the RAGE3 S+. The quality is very good for the price and this thing feels pretty solid in it’s build quality. The multipurpose blade is very versatile and can cut through metal, wood and plastic easily.

The Evolution RAGE3 S+ is probably the best mitre saw for DIY enthusiasts or hobby crafters. It comes with all the features of the more professional models but without the high price tag.

The one downside to this is it is not as precise as it’s more expensive competitors. If you need a metre saw for cutting things like door frames or picture frames, where every millimetre counts you might be better shelling out a bit more.

However, not everyone needs that level of precision and for everything else this is a great buy. Lets have a look at the features.

Main Features

Unlike some of the more expensive models this model comes with an accessory pack making it even more of a bargain. In addition to the saw and multipurpose blade it also comes with a dust bag, top clamp and side extensions. Although the dust bag doesn’t quite manage to collect as much dust as it should it is still a nice addition.

The Evolution RAGE3-S+ also comes with laser guidance which is usually only available in more expensive models.

How well does the Evolution RAGE3-S+ cut?

A tool is only as good as the output of it’s results. The Evolution RAGE3-S+ has a powerful 1500W motor driving the blade. This is more than the more expensive Bosch GCM 800 SJ so should give a smooth cutting experience.

The multipurpose blade has a good 300 mm x 75 mm cutting capacity due to the sliding ability. As the blade can cut through metal it has no problem with pesky nails in reclaimed wood.

This saw is also capable of single bevel cuts as well as mitre cuts.

As mentioned previously this saw is as accurate as some and can sometimes be 1° out. It is great for flooring, skirting and other jobs though.

See it in action

See the promo video for this saw below:


This mitre saw is great for the DIY enthusiast and is a great tool to have in your garage. At just over £100 it isn’t a big loss if you don’t get as much use out of it as you had hoped.

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