Makita MLS100 Review

Makita MLS100The Makita MLS100 is mid range mitre saw with a decent amount of extras for a reasonable price. A bit more expensive than the number one Evolution RAGE3-S+ but with out as many features.

The MLS100 lacks a laser guide but does come with a dust bag for dust extraction.

At £167 it is aimed at the DIY enthusiast and isn’t really up for professional use. This saw will cut up to 130mm which is less than some of the others we have reviewed.



Technical Specs

Power: 1500W

Max Cutting Width: 130 mm

Sliding: No

Single Bevel: No

Double Bevel: No

Blade Size: 255 mm

Laser: No

The Makita MLS100 is a bit more expensive than the recommended Evolution RAGE3-S+ in this range. However, what it lacks in features it makes up in precision. This machine has more precise cutting than the Rage3 and would therefore be better suited for cutting picture frames and door frames.

Main Features

The MLS100 comes with a 255mm cutting blade which is capable of cutting up to 133mm. It comes with a dust bag, vertical vice, holder set and triangular rule.

How good does the Makita MLS100 cut?

This saw produces very clean cuts. Although if you need it to be really precise you may have to remove some of the added accessories which get in the way. For safety it comes with a clear blade guard so you can still see what you are cutting with a bit of extra protection.

Overall the MLS100 has a more precise cut than other machines in this price range and is ideal for things like skirting, picture frames and flooring.

The only downside is it can only cut up to 133mm so you might be better off with the Evolution Rage3 S+ or Bosch GCM 8 SJL if you need deeper cuts.

Lets see it in action

So you can get an idea of what you are buying here is a video of it in action.


The Makita MLS100 is not quite up to the professional level of some of the other mitre saws but produce very precise cuts for the price.

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