DeWalt DW777L Review

DeWalt DW777LThe DeWalt DW777L definitely comes under the professional bracket. With both 110V and 240V versions available it is perfect for taking on site.

This saw lacks some of the niceties of the other brands but it makes up for it with pure robustness. If you need a saw that is going to last for many years then this is it. The durability comes at a cost though with this saw generally retailing for around £400.

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Technical Specs

Power: 1600W

Max Cutting Width: 265 mm

Sliding: No

Single Bevel: No

Double Bevel: No

Blade Size: 255 mm

Laser: No

The DW777L features a 1600W motor and a cutting capacity of 265 x 62 mm. This model doesn’t come with a laser guide, dust bag like other models but this thing is built like a brick. Weighing in at 17 kg you aren’t going to want to be lugging this around everywhere.

Main Features

The DeWalt DW777L is light on features it does however have a 50° mitre capacity both left and right. This thing is solid and does what it says on the tin.

How does the DeWalt DW777L cut?

So does this device cut well? Yes, yes it does. So you should expect for the price. It may be heavy but this weight is ideal for making sure everything remains stable when cutting. The last thing you want is to be welding a spinning saw of death and feel like it is going to fly off the table.

This saw produces clean, precise cuts even without a laser guide. You can see from the Amazon reviews that everyone loves this saw even at the price.