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Buyers Guide 2018


Trying to find a mitre saw for your next project can be a difficult task. You are standing in the DIY store looking at all the options trying to work out what you need, There are so many different options. Sliding saws, compound saws, sliding compound saws. We can help find the best mitre saw for your next project

Before we look at the best mitre saws on the market today we first need understand the different types.

What is the difference between a compound mitre saw and a mitre saw?

So you will see in store and online, some saws being referred to as compound mitre saws and some not. Well a compound mitre saw is one that is capable of making 2 cuts at the same time (hence compound).

There are mitre cuts which is a vertical cut at an angle. Like you would do for a picture frame, door frame or skirting. You will find all models of mitre saw will be able to do these.

Then there are bevel cuts which is the result of tilting the saw at an angle horizontally. A compound saw can do both which is good for things like coving.

What is the difference between single bevel and double bevel?

Some models of mitre saw will advertise themselves as double bevel but what does this mean. A bevel cut is achieved by tilting the saw horizontally. A lot of the saws with bevel cuts only support up to 45 degrees one way. If the saw can tilt both left and right then it is classed as a double bevel. You can achieve the same cuts with a single bevel or double bevel machine. However, you would need to take out your piece of wood and turn it the other way with a single bevel saw.

What is a sliding mitre saw?

Mitre saws come in 2 main types, sliding and stationary. Sliding mitre saws have allow for the saw to slide forwards and backwards while cutting. This allows for you to cut much wider cuts which can be useful if you have large pieces to cut through.

You have to be very careful to look out for these keywords (sliding, compound and bevel) when looking at product descriptions. Companies are very good at telling you what features the saw does have but they don’t tell you what is missing! To stop you from having to do the hard work I have found the best in each category.

Best Value Mitre Saw

Evolution RAGE3 S+If you need the best mitre saw for your next home project then you can’t do much better than the Evolution Rage3-S+.

This saw is the most feature packed mitre saw that can not only do mitre cuts but single bevel cuts too. This saw has sliding capacity allowing it to cut width of 220 mm. At a little over £100 this saw is exceptionally good value and gets 4.5 stars on Amazon. This is probably the best mitre saw under £200.

You can check out the full review of this saw here.

Best Double Bevel Mitre Saw

Evolution RAGE3-DBIf you are going to be doing a lot of bevel cuts in both directions then it is worth investing in a double bevel saw. Double bevel saws will usually be advertised as such or will say that they can do a -45° to 45° angle.

Double bevel saws tend to come at a premium over other models but it might be worth the investment if you are going to be doing a lot of double bevel cuts.

The Evolution RAGE3+ recommended above comes in a double bevel version which is the one I would recommend. Aptly named the RAGE3-DB this double bevel sliding saw has a 2000W motor and has a max width cut of 320mm.

This saw also comes with a 3 year warranty.


Best Saw for Wide Cuts

Pingtek BluelineIf you read my section above about sliding mitre saws you will know if you need to make wide cuts then you need a sliding mitre saw! Some saws slide more than others with a difference of 100mm between models.

The mitre saw with the largest cut I can recommend is the Pingtek Blueline 305mm (12″) Double Bevel 2000w Sliding compound mitre saw with A/c laser 230v, catchy name huh! This saw has a massive cutting capacity of 340mm x 102mm which is the largest we have ever reviewed. Not only that but this saw can do double bevel cuts and has a laser guide.





Top Brands

As with any product there are always some brands that dominate the market. Mitre saws are no different and there some brands that stand out in making superior products. The main brands to look out for are:

The links above will send you to the review section for each of these brands.